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The calling

Updated: Jan 14

He was seeing me

While in my emptiness I was existing

While I thought I already knew him

While I was carrying a burden and apathy

He loved me

While in the midst of my faltering steps I was trying

To be everything that my mind ratified

But I was walking with long steps away from the truth

It was in the midst of petulant wonderings

In the silent resounding hopelessness

I recognized the unknown voice that was calling me

And I surrendered myself to an unceasing love

All the noises that echoed in my mind

Quieted down at the whisper that spoke sweetly

About a love that is not from this world

And promised me that we will live together eternally

When I had already received a lot

A greater privilege was revealed to me

Among all unimageable impossibilities

He had prepared his home inside of me

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