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My testimony

Updated: Jan 14

I was born in a Christian family, but only from the moment that I faced the gospel in a personal way, it made sense and had an effect on my life. I always feared God, I believed that He existed, prayed to Him and read my Bible, because that is how my parents taught me. But I was still distant from God, it was like God was far away in heaven and I was here trying my hardest not to ruin things and displease him.
And it was like that throughout my childhood and adolescence. In the middle of my teenage years I felt my heart being softened by God and I knew I had something more to live with God, but I didn't know how to get there. It was only when I was 19 that I understood that the gospel is an invitation to a personal relationship with God. Jesus gave his life as the one and only perfect sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins, establishing the ONLY way for a personal relationship with God Himself.
When I understood what Jesus did on the cross (and I already knew the verses that spoke of it by heart) is an invitation to my life, I understood that I was a sinner, I needed forgiveness for my sins, I needed a savior because I could never reach Him by myself, and that the sacrifice He made on the cross was for me...then the cross did make sense to me, I believed with my heart and confessed with my mouth that Jesus is the Lord and Savior of my life...and everything changed.
God was not far far away anymore, and a new path opened for me, a path of relationship and intimacy with the Creator, with my kind Father, a path where I could truly know myself and understand my value and purpose in this life. If you have heard of the gospel, the Cross of the Calvary, the sacrifice of this man called Jesus Christ, who says he is the Son of God, but it seems that this is not for you...ask God to show you if this is the truth and what to do with it. And if you fear God, but feel distant from him, and feel that you have more of God to know, take the gospel as a personal invitation and receive Jesus in your heart (Romans 10: 8-10).

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