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Inside out

Updated: Jan 14

God gave us gifts, talents and single characteristics to be developed and used. All of this carry a unique and incomparable potential to comunicate his character and love. We are responsible for cultivating, stewarding and developing what he has trusted to us. Whether it is a lot or a little. Notable or discrete. Everything comes from him and it's for him.
For so long I was quick to recognize other people's gifts and talents and I couldn't see what was in me and cultivate it. As I walked with God, I was able to recognize the characteristics that made me myself, as well as my abilities, difficulties and affinities, all that was pointing to what was already in me, waiting to be discovered. It has been surprising and freeing, this journey of celebrating what God has put in me.
Maybe you are in this journey to figure out your own gifts and talents, or maybe you are very aware of the gifts and talents you carry. Either way, keep going! Put it out there! Recognize, cultivate, develop and use all God has entrusted you with. He is dying to see it come through!

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