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How It Got Started

I am an introvert and a very sensitive person, always entertained in my own head. Eventually I found a way to express all the sensibility God has put in me: writing. For years I have been keeping to myself or my closest friends things I have written in different seasons of my life. Recently, I was compelled to share it broadly. Lifenotes comes from a very personal and raw place of my life, as a way to take the fruits of my walk with Christ to further extensions. I deeply believe in the true and only God, Jesus, that died on the cross to conquer a personal relationship with every single person. And that our walk with God change us and our perspective of life. I hope that lifenotes can stir your heart to long for this relationship, also inspire and encourage you in your own journey.

Welcome to Lifenotes!

Basket of Flowers
Notebook and Pen
Desk with Book
Green Typewriter
Man at Desk
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